Does your mind go channel hopping?

the history channel: The story of 'me'. What they did to me ... what I will say next time - which leads into ...

the fantasy channel: Rehearsing future conversations. The 'what if's' and 'maybes' over future moments (very popular late at night, this one!) which drag us down into a spiral of worrying thoughts about something which doesn't even exist at this moment. This can quickly become ... the horror channel

the shopping channel "If I just had this/that I would be happy" - a new job ... car. ... house ... relationship - there is a constant shopping list running through our heads which keeps us from feeling contentment now

the points of view channel: The world according to me! Reactivity arising against anything that is not the way we want it to be ... the weather ... the traffic jam ... the news ... the relationship - add your own to the list!

but ... there is an off switch

  NOW hear!
Sally talks about her 'healing for inner peace' work

... what healing for inner peace involves

Using a powerful yet gentle combination of meditation and healing let Sally guide you to:

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any
Alice Walker

Once you have experienced the deep inner peace, which is always there within you, you will learn the techniques to allow you to return to that state again and again. This is where real healing can take place on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally

To see this 'channel hopping' mind is the first step to finding the mute button - or even the off switch! To reach a stage where you can observe the mind doing what it has always done without being drawn into it so completely

By becoming aware you really can take charge of your remote control!

... after healing for inner peace

After treatment clients may feel extremely calm or re-energised and ready to take control of that chattering mind

Healing for Inner Peace is not intended as a substitute for orthodox medical treatment but is complementary to it. If you have a medical problem, you should continue to consult your doctor


For a selection of comments from previous clients please visit our feedback page

... treatment summary

how: Seated in a chair or lying on a treatment couch. Only the shoes need to be removed for the clients comfort

where: In your own home. To enhance the relaxation aspect of the treatment Sally offers a mobile service (around the Leeds area of West Yorkshire) so the client doesn't have to drive home straight afterwards. Alternatively, if you wish to arrange a telephone session with Sally (visit our feedback page) please select the duration below, or for more information

how often: Depends on the requirements of the client and the nature of the condition being treated. Many people find the maximum benefit from a course of weekly treatments but of course there is no obligation to commit to that beforehand

cost: For visits to your home, please contact Sally for details. To arrange a prepaid telephone session please select the required duration below and enter the UK phone number on which you will want to be called

... healing for inner peace

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On receiving your request we will either phone or email to agree a suitable appointment time. If you would prefer not to pay online please contact Sally through the contact page to make alternative arrangements

Clients will be called at the agreed time on the number you provide when booking - for maximum benefit, please make sure you will not be disturbed and can be in a comfortable, conducive and relaxing environment for the full duration of the call

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