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Spiritual Healing is a completely natural process that promotes better health - the channelling of healing energies through the healer to the client brings this about. It re-energises and relaxes the client so that his or her natural resources are enabled to deal with illness or injury in the best possible way. Sally Chaffer MNFSH is a full healer member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (The Healing Trust)

... how spiritual healing works

Spiritual Healing is a natural energy therapy. It complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Spiritual Healers act as a conduit for healing energy which relaxes the body, releases tensions and stimulates self-healing. The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels, not just physical, and the effects can be profound

... what spiritual healing involves

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Spiritual Healing involves no religious belief. It is not faith healing - in fact it can be used to treat animals and even plants - so no belief is required

Healing can be sent from a distance if the client is not able to travel, or over the telephone. Most people, though, prefer contact healing. Seated on a chair or laying on a couch, the healer will attune to the energies and channel healing to the client. This can be done using light touch, or no touch at all, often a combination of the two

Healing does not in any way interfere with medical treatments

... after spiritual healing

Sometimes healing is successful in one treatment. Far more often, the improvement is gradual. Please don't be discouraged and give up in the early stages - it is rare for anyone to receive healing over a period of time without feeling some benefit

Spiritual Healing is not intended as a substitute for orthodox medical treatment but is complementary to it. If you have a medical problem, you should continue to consult your doctor

... treatment summary


how: Seated in a chair or lying on a treatment couch. Only the shoes need to be removed for the clients comfort

where: In your own home. To enhance the relaxation aspect of the healing Sally offers a mobile service (around the Leeds area of West Yorkshire) so the client doesn't have to drive home straight afterwards

how often: Depends on the requirements of the client and the nature of the condition being treated. Many people find the maximum benefit from a course of weekly healing sessions but of course there is no obligation to commit to that beforehand

cost: Please contact Sally for details

... healing centres

In addition to her private clients, Sally also volunteers at the following charitable organisations:

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